Save money…laundering!

Did you know if you wash clothes at 30°C every third wash is free? Here are some top tips to clean up your finances:

  • Use the economy washing programme for small loads or those that aren’t very dirty.
  • Always try to put a full load in your washing machine or tumble dryer.
  • Front loading machines are usually more efficient than top loading models
  • Modern washing machines and detergents work just as well at lower temperatures. washing at 30°C instead of a higher temperature can use 40% less electricity.
  • When the weather is good, dry your clothes outside.
  • Before you tumble dry your clothes, make sure you spin them first as they will dry more quickly.
  • Try not to dry your clothes for too long, or on a very high heat, as it will take longer to iron them.
  • When ironing, start with clothes that need a cooler temperature and finish with those that need a hotter setting as this will save time, energy and money.
  • If you’re buying a new washing machine or tumble dryer look for the Energy Saving Recommended logo. Machines bearing this logo cost less to run and could save you up to €10 per year on your electricity bill.
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